‘PLANTASIA’ A Botanical Exhibition Curated by Yoshimi Murakami

“Earth art for people who love plants”

FT Artists:

Carla Uriarte
Benjamin Fesselet
Myles Young
Lilly O’hare
Isobella Grist
Monty Martin Weber
Vincent Buret
Bobby Virgona
Yoshimi Murakami

With a performance by:

James Domeyko
Mikey Carr

Plantasia is a group exhibition that was initially inspired by Mort Garson’s Mother Earth Plantasia. The idea of feeling like a flower dancing in the wind. Since plants make up 80 percent of the weight of all living things on earth it’s easy to forget that these beautiful organisms are responsible for not only the air we breathe but also our food and medicine. Despite not having brains or central nervous systems, plants perceive their surroundings with an even greater sensitivity than animals. This exhibition explores the playfulness between nature and art and asks the question, what art would a plant make?