Cheesy Grin is the culinary concept derived from former Roberta’s (Brooklyn, NYC) chef Wesley Cooper Jones.

The revolving pop-up has featured at The Midnight Special, (Newtown), The Grifter Brewing Co, (Marrickville), and is now focusing on an extended residency at Freda’s (Chippendale).

Cheesy Grin’s cuisine lends itself to Freda’s transitional space; 2 adapting to the changing atmosphere of each night. The early evening sees Wesley’s modern Italo-Australian cuisine focusing on local seafood, vegetables and cured meats as well as snacks and small dishes. Additionally, limited numbers of Cheesy Grin’s classic yet inventive pasta dishes will be available early evening.

For the entire duration of the night, signature toasties are available as an early evening meal or a late night snack. Cheesy Grin believes that every type of bread should have a toasted chance, with pretzels, sourdoughs, ryes, milk breads and doughnuts featuring on the menu.

If you’re interested in organising catering food for a function contact CHEESY GRIN at: